Hey so here we are at 2008,and we're still not blown up yet!Awesome! We might even have a few years of free speech left if we're lucky! The world's a pretty messed place lately, with all that's going on.Old Uncle Alice keeps tabs on it though, but I gotta tell ya we're in for a rough ride ahead, this is just the tip of the poo-pile,get a shovel AND a helmet we're gonna need it. Our little corner has been pretty lucky, throwing lots of shows at the apartment and making a lot of happiness for all involved.The heavy band had morphed again, into NO DEVIL LIVED ON, with Kevin Lachance totally kicking ass on guitar and we're even sneaking him onto the record,it's a sudden death overtime sort of thing and well worth it.I'll be posting here more often now,for what it's worth, keeping ya'll posted on whatever hits my radar and maybe stirring the pot a little.Anyway keep it rolling!

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