About Us

Uncle Alice has been tramping around the wilds of Northern Ontario for a long time now-back in '91 he released "Uncle Alice's Sonic Concoction" on CASSETTE! Haunted by his never ceasing muse,he has written and recorded original material ever since, trying to catch the winds of change as they slither through his skull.Tragically,Uncle Alice suffers from a musical form of schizophrenia, writing songs that never all seem to fall in to a single genre-even a big one-thus the need to perform in at least two acts, in order to give an outlet for ALL the crazy material.Uncle Alice likes to play and sing whenever he can, bass,guitar,harmonica,usually trying to share his songs as well as lots of your favorite cover classic rock/folk songs. Always entertaining! Get him to wreck your lawn party this summer!

More About Us

If you really have to know, Uncle Alice is a longtime singer songwriter from North Bay, Ontario, Canada. He has been writing songs for 20 years or so,working with various local bands in various capacities from bass player to lead vocalist to guitarist to harmonica playin' sideman.He also owns a small recording studio,.www.Silverbeachsound.ca, and from there records his (& others) works whenever he gets the chance.While fronting various metal bands in the last few years ,  Alice always found himself writing acoustic songs and never having a band to play them.These are those songs of those quiet {or not so quiet!) moments -ENJOY!