1. Pain

From the recording Invigoratin' Tonic


Do you beleive in silly things like destiny <br />How it all went wrong? <br />didn't want to let you slip away from me <br />but you were already gone <br /><br />Hold onto the day when it will be OK <br />and all the dust is gone <br />there's so much that I could never say <br />and so much left undone <br />I just want to tell you that you're beautiful <br />you crushed me to my core <br />there has got to be a better place for you <br />then I could could ever go <br /><br />only the bitterness remains <br />I beleive in pain <br /><br />I see a perfect angel over me <br />and I don't know if it's good <br />Heaven's gate is open wide to welcome me <br />and I don't think that I should <br /><br />They wonder why I walked away <br />I beleive in pain <br /><br />Pain-give me strength give me meaning <br />Pain- give me reason for breathing <br />Pain-give me som'n to hold on to <br />Pain <br />